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I started with Mary Kay when I was 18 years old (quite a few years ago). I was in college, living in the dorms, working whatever low paying job I could find, and living paycheck to paycheck.  I knew I was living the typical college struggle but on some level I wished that there was a better way.

One day I was at my grandmother’s house and I saw these soft pink bottles with a tiny writing on them.  I asked my grandmother “is this old people make up.” My grandmother chuckled and gave me a mini facial that day.  She had just started with Mary Kay. My skin felt great and I felt special like I rich lady at the “Spa”.  I knew that this is what I wanted to do too, help other woman feel special and make money while doing it.  A few days later, I signed up to become an Independent beauty consultant.

Over the course of the next few weeks after signing up, I had developed a somewhat lucrative business. I had what all the girls in the dorms wanted. I was by no means rich but it helped pay my bills and I wasn’t eating Ramen noodles every day for every meal.

Then life changed! My high school sweetheart and I broke up, later married a military man, moved across the country, and had two babies. Sitting in my house in a rural community in North Carolina was far removed from my days in the dorms. I longed for the independence that I once had. I decided that I wanted to get back into Mary Kay plus we needed the money. My husband disagreed with my decision and was completely unsupportive. So I worked the business when he was deployed to the field. Eventually, the disputes over small things and the incompatibility were too much to handle. We parted ways and I headed back home to California with my two babies.

I was back home with my babies, living with my sister and her daughter, working full time and going to school. I was living a typical recently divorced, single mom life. I was always busy and always broke. So again I returned to Mary Kay because I knew that things could be better. After school, I landed a very good job. But between the kids and the twelve hour days at work, I had no time for Mary Kay because I believed that I had everything under control.

Then life changed – Again! After years of not dating, my high school sweetheart tracked me down.  In no time at all, we married, moved my two boys, and his daughter from a previous marriage, under one roof while awaiting the arrival of another baby.  The pregnancy was difficult and I was off work almost as soon as I knew I was expecting but we managed because my husband had a good job with the state. Our daughter was born small but healthy. My husband gets laid off a few months later but it was time for me to return to my job so we manage. Just when my husband’s unemployment was running out, we found out we were having another child and again they were taking me off work. My husband got whatever job he could get to make any money but there were not many opportunities during the Recession. So, I was once again hustling Mary Kay and once again we just managed to get by.

I had always just got into Mary Kay just to get by or make a little extra money when I was short. Before I had never seen the vision of what the full business could be despite going to the meetings frequently. My husband had been an office manager and I asked him to help me get organized using the computer. From that simple start we gradually (and on his part begrudgingly) became a team (but I’m still the Boss). I realized that if I had a team of like-minded woman that I could show how I go out and get sales then that would be powerful. That was a vision but that was not “The Vision”. So for the first time in all the years I had been doing Mary Kay, I started to recruit a team. I told them how to get sales like I did it and most were successful and some were not. I wasn’t very good with follow up with the team because once you learned how I did what I did then I felt they had everything they needed. And the funny thing is that I was successful in duplicating me in them because my team only did the business when they were short on money.

When I thought back to that college dorm dreaming about something more, better than I had, it was bigger, brighter, more amazing. I had let life and all it struggles and trials diminish my beautiful dream. I never let the dream grow to its full potential. So I had to think what it takes for me to have a better team and I realized it takes a better leader. If I can get them to duplicate me in just getting by then I have to be better to get them to be better.

I order to fuel something new, I have been on a journey of knowledge and discovery. I have educated myself in product knowledge, the market space, motivation, and dozens of subjects that have nothing to do with making the sale but having everything to do with LIFE and that more abundantly. The vague dreams of my youth have become clear. It is now “The Vision” – (L.I.F.E.)4TH.  


I’m a virtuous woman on a mission, make no mistake.
I believe in myself and the path that I must take.
I do what I love all the time.
I work and play and that is why I shine.
I won’t Give Up, Shut up, let up, until I I’ve stayed up, got always be made up, and most importantly prayed up, and then, become the person God intended me to be. What I think about, have no doubt I bring about.
I know what is important in my life and I focus upon it like,
God first, Family second, Career third
I know I can create whatever I set my mind to do. And I do!
I am committed to success and giving it my best.
Changing lives for Jesus Christ is my personal quest.
My beliefs create my reality. I believe in my unlimited prosperity.
I love myself unconditionally, because I am a queen of the highest King. God almighty.
Like in alabaster box I bring my most precious gifts to the table like love, joy, peace, and faith.
Who am I?
I am the future Director La Qeshaw Thompson
 La Qeshaw’s Ladies who are LIVING THE (L.I.F.E)4TH  Power!


Seminar: Emerald

Former Occupation: Nurse

Theme Song: "I Can Only Imagine"

Scripture: Mathew 5:14-16

Career Highlights: Started Mary Kay Career on 10/12/10. Star Consultant 3 Quarters.

Fun Facts:
Best Asset: My Belief
Before Mary Kay: I was and still am a nurse for Kaiser
Favorite City: Los Angeles
When I am Worried: I Pray
Favorite Vacation Destination: Wherever God plants my feet where the water meets land because I love to cruise.
Favorite Meal: Chicken with a Lemon sauce
I usually order: Caramel Macchiato skinny
Hobbies: Reading the word and inspirational books. And decorating.
Advice I give a new Consultant: Build relationships with your Customers & Master your Skincare Class Presentation. Move up the ladder of success as fast as you can.
Best Advise I Ever Got: Only take advice from those you'd want to trade places with!
Role Models: My mom, Jesus